Comprehensive Setup Guide

Comprehensive Setup Guide

CABLE is quite simple to set up and begin using.

an image of a CABLE unit with a flashing green LED light. The light indicates it is scanning for active sensors.


When you receive your CABLE unit from North Pole Engineering, the case should be in two pieces. We ship CABLE this way so that the battery is not connected to the terminal during transit, preventing the accelerometer from draining the battery before it arrives to its destination. Simply snap the two pieces together, and give the unit a double-tap with your finger to turn it on. You should then see the green LED flash every two seconds.

In the app store, download CABLEConfig. This application is used to configure your sensors to the CABLE unit. If the app shows a firmware update pop-up, please install it for best use. With your CABLE turned on and nearby, tap on the menu and select “Scan ANT Sensors”. Then activate the sensors you intend to pair. Tap the check box for the desired sensors to pair them with your CABLE. You may only pair one of each type of sensor (heart rate, cadence, etc.) in any given sensor set. Once you have selected your sensors, tap the menu to “Save Sensors” .

a screenshot of the app CABLE Config showing how to setup CABLE

Your CABLE is now paired with your sensors. At this point you SHOULD CLOSE the CABLEConfig app. Keeping the app running in the background can cause connectivity issues. If your CABLE cannot find your sensor, verify that your sensor is ANT+, not ANT or any other profile. If the issue persists, contact customer service. For a complete list of compatible sensors, click here.

Application Setup

Now, open up your desired fitness application. Each one has a slightly different process, but if the app is BLE compatible, there should be a setting for connecting accessories. Please refer to the individual application help section for this step. However, you should see the individual sensors to select from, not the CABLE unit. You should then see your sensor data in the application.

CABLE takes in the data put out by your ANT+ sensors, and converts that data into BLE, the industry standard for iOS. CABLE is simply a bridge for the data.

Power Down

When you have finished your workout or training session, relaunch CABLEConfig. On the menu, select “Power Down”. This will ensure that CABLE turns off immediately. Ideally, you should store CABLE somewhere where it remains still while not in use, since it turns on by activating the accelerometer.

If you need to change the battery, insert the rounded edge of a paperclip (or any similar object), into the notch on the short end, and twist. Then simply replace the 2032 coin cell battery, making sure the positive side (with the writing) faces down.