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CABLE in-depth review

We’d like to take a moment to highlight this blog review done by Aaron Johnson at Athletic Tech Review. He dives into the details of to how to set up CABLE, and all its features and benefits. It’s a very useful read, and includes a video demonstration of how CABLE works. Thanks Aaron! Leave a
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Comprehensive Setup Guide

CABLE is quite simple to set up and begin using. Setup When you receive your CABLE unit from North Pole Engineering, the case should be in two pieces. We ship CABLE this way so that the battery is not connected to the terminal during transit, preventing the accelerometer from draining the battery before it arrives
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What does the flashing LED light mean?

Your CABLE device has inside it a two-color LED light that indicates several different things. There are three distinct light patterns that the CABLE produces. Here, we will discuss the colors and blinking patterns and what they mean.   Single green flash every two seconds: This indicates that your CABLE device is advertising its BLE
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