CABLE Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about CABLE – FAQ

Updated 11/27/2017

Q: Can I use CABLE with my Android phone or tablet?

A: Currently, the CABLEConfig app is only available for iOS 9.3 version or later. Once your CABLE unit is configured you can use it with any hardware that uses BLE sensor connections. This will work with Android, iOS, Apple Watch, Windows, etc.

Q: When do you use CABLE Config?

A: The CABLEConfig application is ONLY needed to setup/pair your sensors with your CABLE unit. You do not need to use CABLEConfig anymore thereafter, unless you want to change or add sensors, update CABLE firmware, or test out your sensors. Leaving CABLEConfig running in the background can cause connectivity issues. It is not needed to provide any bridging connection to your BLE service application, such as Map-My-Fitness. All the data sent from CABLE to your app comes through the BLE services generated by the CABLE device.

Q: What does the LED indicate on the CABLE?

A: There is a single two-color LED in the CABLE.

• A green flash every two seconds indicates the unit is advertising its BLE connection.
• A green flash every second indicates the unit is connected via BLE interface and the configured ANT+ sensors are all tracking their data.
• A red flash every second indicates the unit is connected via the BLE interface, but at least one of the paired ANT+ sensors is not tracking. The unit will attempt to track an ANT+ sensor for 30 seconds. If it fails to start tracking a double tap on the top of the case will initiate a new scan effort for 30 seconds.

Q: How close must my CABLE be to pair with my sensors?

A: The CABLEConfig application will show all ANT+ sensors while performing a scan for sensors. On the screen for selecting sensors, there is an indicator on the right side of the row which shows the signal strength. We recommend keeping the sensors within three meters to ensure stronger signal strength.

Q: How do I turn my CABLE on?

A: To turn it on, double tap on the front (label) side of the device with your finger. Tapping the unit on a surface will work, but may require a series of taps.

Q: How do I turn my CABLE off?

A: The CABLE will turn itself off when the BLE connection is disconnected and the ANT+ sensors are no longer tracking. If you are running CABLEConfig, you can select the “Power Down” option in the control menu. Using the “Power Down” option can help preserve the battery life of your unit.

Q: How do I change the battery?

A: On the short end of the case, insert a coin, paperclip, or something similar, into the notch to snap open the case. Then replace the 2032-coin cell battery making sure the positive (+) side is face down in the battery slot. Then, snap the case back together, making sure the battery end connects with the negative terminal on the opposite half of the case.

Q: How do you attach, mount, or use CABLE during your workout?

A: CABLE should be located within three meters of your sensors and display device during your workout. We recommend mounting it on your bike with a zip-tie or carrying it in a saddle bag. It will work at longer distances but it may periodically lose connection during a workout. For a list of compatible applications and known application issues, see here.

Q: Can you create multiple sensor sets with CABLE?

A: Yes, CABLE allows you to create multiple sets, but only one can broadcast at a time. Tap on the Menu button and select “Switch Sets”.

Q: Can I have multiple heart rate monitors in the same set?

A: No, since there is only one BLE service for heart rate on the CABLE unit, only one heart rate monitor can be paired in a set. This is also true of other types of sensors.

Q: How do I use the motion/theft detection feature?

A: In the CABLEConfig app, tap the menu button and select “Motion Detection”. Anytime your CABLE unit is moved, you will get a notification on your iPhone. The CABLE unit and Phone must be within about 10-15 meters to use this feature. (Note: CABLEConfig must remain running on your iPhone to use this feature. You need to select “Motion Detection” every time you want to turn the feature on.)

Q: Does CABLE have a warranty?

A: You can find details on the six-month limited warranty in the Getting Started Guide or here.