WASP Technology

WASP-N is a standalone bridge that allows Bluetooth Smart® (formerly Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) and ANT+ to communicate wirelessly through Wi-Fi networks to other devices or over the Internet. For example, BLE/ANT+ heart rate monitors, home scales, pulse-oximeter monitors, and blood glucose monitors are all able to use this bridge to communicate their data to central monitoring stations via the WiFi network.

WASP-POE bridges allow for Bluetooth Smart ANT/ANT+ sensor devices to communicate messages directly unto a wired Ethernet network. This bridge is powered directly from the Ethernet connection through a POE-enabled router or through an optional POE-injector.

WASP-N Product Brief

WASP-POE Product Brief

WASP Technology

WASP-N is ideal for using in different situations where mobility and wireless access are important. WASP-POE is ideal for use in a wired Ethernet facility. The real value of these products is the ability to simultaneously manage sensor data from different protocols (ANT/ANT+/ANT-FS/BLE). Both products can be situated in a designated monitoring area to provide complete coverage of BLE and various ANT protocol sensor data coming from groups of people or groups of devices. Portions of data initially captured by one node will continue to be captured through other nodes as the individual moves throughout the monitoring area thus creating a smart, real-time monitoring solution. WASP-N operates in WiFi infrastructure networks or as a limited Access Point (AP), where it creates its own network.

Real-time sensor information captured by WASP can be communicated to numerous end points, either directly onto a wired network using WASP-POE or to any WiFi enable device with WASP-N, such as a smart phone pad, or watch. Group information can be displayed onto a big board for the class, while individual information can be viewed by each participant via their phone.

WASP Technology

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