New GEM Bluetooth/ANT+ Module

North Pole Engineering and Wahoo announce purchase of Wahoo GEM OEM Module product line.

North Pole Engineering acquires Wahoo GEM product line to expand its IoT product portfolio

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The latest tools, technologies and design methodologies.

Excellent work that meets your business needs.

Revolutionize data transfer in the fitness sphere and beyond.

Devices that move ANT signals to BLE, WiFi and Ethernet.


Our bridge products make your sensor data take flight. Learn more about our WASP and BLAST product lines and what they do.



Our experienced team of engineers uses the latest technology to produce high quality designs. Every time.



As authorized Xilinx Training providers, we provide you with the tools you need to begin designing with FPGA and Embedded SoC right away.


Wireless Data Transfer

North Pole Engineering is a leading designer of data transfer modules

We are dedicated to connection. All of what we do revolves around connections: we connect data to the internet, we connect devices within the internet of things, and we connect people with solutions. Our goal is to connect you with the things you need, whether that be application design and development of FPGA, firmware, software, or hardware. We are more than electrical engineers, we are the creators of technologies that fuse the world together.
Our experienced team of engineers are responsible for some amazing innovations. We produce WASP devices for OEM clients, which can be found transferring data in dozens of the most well-known fitness clubs in the U.S. We have worked with defense, agricultural, and commercial clients in the past. Our team is specialized in several different areas, so whatever your needs may be, we can achieve them.


It is amazing to go into a classroom and see all of the students working extremely hard toward reaching their own personalized goal. This personalized approach to learning is a model for the direction that technology is taking us in all classrooms.

Posted by Greg on February 6, 2017

Amazing bit of kit that does exactly what it says. I’ve found the team at NPE to be very helpful.

Posted by Russell on December 27, 2017

CABLE works exactly as it is supposed to. There were no glitches with configuration and connection with my Zwift app on an Apple TV. It’s a great gadget for syncing ANT+ devices to Bluetooth.

Posted by Mark on January 4, 2018