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Wireless Data Transfer

North Pole Engineering is a leading designer of data transfer modules

We are dedicated to connection. All of what we do revolves around connections: we connect data to the internet, devices within ioT and we connect people with solutions. Our goal is to connect you with the things you need, whether that be application design and development of FPGA, firmware, software, or hardware.


Great product that allows me to use my iOS apps to “drive” my Tacx Neo 2 using ANT+ FE-C since the Neo 2 currently does not support BLE FTMS yet. A nice side-benefit is the ability to still use my Garmin heart rate monitor that only broadcasts over ANT+.

Posted by Cor on July 5, 2019

Works great! I use it with TrainerRoad and Peloton.

Posted by Dave on May 27, 2019

I purchased the GEMRETRO to use on my Life Fitness Club Treadmill with a csafe port. I connect it to Zwift run. Compared to all the others, the GEMRETRO is flawless! Never need to worry about power, warmup, accuracy compared to treadmill speed, etc. It just works!! I feel sorry for the folks who spend tons of money on a home treadmill with a fancy display. They could have spent less and got a gym quality treadmill like the LF club and connected the GEM and be off and running.

Posted by Dave on August 24, 2018