About Us

North Pole Engineering is focused on quality. For 20 years, we have turned visions into reality by always staying on the cutting edge of engineering design software. We are a vertically integrated electrical engineering company, doing great work from start to finish. Our development team specializes in embedded microprocessor hardware and software design work, FPGA, AISC, and general app development.

That’s not all we do.

NPE has become a household name in the athletic sensor data realm. Our line of WASP products, which captures ANT+ sensor data from large fitness groups and transmits it through Ethernet or WiFi, is used by many of the most well-known fitness clubs in the U.S. The newest addition to the data bridge product family is CABLE (Connect ANT+ to BLE), which does exactly that.

Above all, we are innovators. We bring our best selves every day to offer you the best solutions.