CABLE Applications


CABLE (Connect ANT+ to BLE) is a revolutionary stand-alone device that converts ANT+ sensor products into industry standard Bluetooth Smart connections.

CABLE interfaces with ANT+ devices that have one or more of these ANT+ profiles: HR, PWR, SPD, SPD, S&C, FE-C, CTF, and CAD.

CABLE connects to many fitness applications that take in Heart Rate Service, Cycling Power Service, Cycling Speed & Cadence Service, Running Speed & Cadence Service and/or Fitness Machine Service. Your desired fitness app will require you to separately identify your sensors. CABLE enables the fitness application to use your selected ANT+ sensors that you have already set up within the CABLE Config App.

Verify CABLE is compatible with your workout sensor. You can view the list of supported ANT+ profiles here.

We are working diligently to improve CABLE. However, there are a few known issues where applications will not correctly interface. The following applications are listed below:

  • TrainerRoad will only allow for one sensor to connect through CABLE.
  • MapMyRide requires the user to reinstall the app in order to change sensors.