CABLE Applications

Applications & CABLE

CABLE can interface with any ANT+ devices, and a number of iOS applications. If CABLE is not connecting to your sensor, first verify that your sensor transmits ANT+. You can view the list of supported ANT+ profiles  here.

CABLE does work with many iOS applications, including but not limited to the ones listed here:

Each of these apps will require you to separately identify your sensors.  CABLE enables the application to use the ANT+ sensors that you have setup within the CABLE application.  Ensure that you identify these same sensors within your BLE application.

We are working diligently to improve CABLE. However, there are a few known issues where applications will not correctly interface. The following applications are listed below:

  • TrainerRoad will only allow for one sensor to connect through CABLE.
  • MapMyRide requires the user to reinstall the app in order to change sensors.