CABLE Setup Guide

CABLE Setup Guide


CABLE Firmware Update 1.8.4:
• Reduces time to configure CABLE
• Fixes issue where CABLE config app would get stuck in a loop trying to Fetch the sensors
• Corrects unit conversion issue with FTMS Service
• Improves reliability when 5 sensors are being tracked

CABLE Config Application Update 1.2.7 
• Enhancements to sensor data display
• Reduced load time for fetching sensors
• Enhanced BLE service selection screen

CABLE Firmware Version 1.8.3 & CABLE Config App Version 1.2.5 Tutorial


  1. In the App Store for iOS devices, download CABLEConfig app. This application is used to configure your sensors to the CABLE unit. If the app shows a firmware update pop-up, please install it for best use. *Note: This is the only time you need an iOS device with CABLE. After your sensors are configured with the app, you no longer need the CABLEConfig app on an iOS device. However, if you add a new sensor or have two sensor setups, you’ll need the CABLEConfig app again to change the sensor set or configure a new sensor.
  2. Open your desired fitness application. Each one has a slightly different process, but if the app is BLE compatible, there should be a setting for connecting accessories. Connect your accessories to CABLE using the same assignment* which is used by your fitness App (see CABLE Setup).
  3. Refer to the individual application help section for understanding how to connect your accessories. You should see your sensor data in the application.

*HRS, CPS, CSCS, RSCS, FTMS (shown in fig. 1.1)



Fig 1.1

  1. With the CABLEConfig App open, turn your sensors on and keep them within range (3 meters).
  2. Turn on CABLE by giving the unit a hard double-tap with your finger. Set CABLE close to the iOS device.
  3. With your CABLE now turned on and nearby/attached to your bike, tap on the menu in the CABLEConfig app and select “Scan ANT+ Sensors.”
  4. Tap the boxes to check-mark the sensors that you want to use (fig. 1.1)
  5. Tap “Save Sensor” at the top. Your sensors should be paired. You may only pair one of each type of sensor (heart rate, cadence, etc.) in any given sensor set- A or B.

ANT+ <–> BLE

Fig 1.2

  1. Under ANT+ <–> BLE assignments, choose what assignment to use (fig 1.2), depending on the sensors and the fitness app you are using. (Refer to the diagram below to help you determine which assignment is appropriate for your fitness app and your sensors.)
  2. Identify which ANT+ sensors you are using (indicated from ANT+ (IN)).
  3. Locate which fitness application you are using on the diagram (Fig. 1.3). If your application is not listed, determine the assignment by what Bluetooth service you need according to the type of ANT+ sensor you have (eg: Heart Rate Monitor- choose HRM).
  4. Identify what type of Bluetooth service you need to use for each ANT+ sensor (acronyms are below). Make sure the fitness app you use matches the assignment and ANT+ sensor you are using.

HRS: Heart Rate

CPS: Cycling Power

CSCS: Cycling Speed and Cadence

RSCS: Running Speed and Cadence

FTMS: Fitness Machine Service (use for treadmills, cross trainer, step climber, etc.)


  • TrainerRoad allows only 1 supported service.

For further understanding on ANT+ <–> BLE assignments, please refer to our Blog on ANT+ <–> BLE.


Fig 1.4

  1. Tap BLE (out). A “Changes Pending” window will pop up and allow you to select “Save” this sensor set up, “Discard” this sensor set up, or just “Cancel” out of that window. Selecting “Save” will save your CABLE setup from the sensors you chose.
  2. Finally, completely CLOSE the CABLEConfig app.

Note: If your CABLE cannot find your sensor(s), verify that your sensor is ANT+, not ANT or any other profile. If the issue persists, contact customer service. A complete list of Compatible Sensors: Click here



  1. Turn on your sensors.
  2. Turn on CABLE by giving the unit a hard double-tap with your finger. The CABLE will be blinking green once a second. (See CABLE FAQ section 3 for light sequencing at
  3. Turn on your fitness application. Connect your ANT+ sensors by tapping on the CABLE option for your sensors in your fitness app.


  1. Turn off your fitness app.
  2. Turn your sensors off. CABLE will then automatically shut down in 2 minutes.

Ideally, you should store CABLE in a still place because CABLE turns on by activating the accelerometer.

Any issues, contact us directly at +1 (612) 305-0440 or fill out our contact form.


To make two sets/Customize the name of each set: 

  1. Tap “Switch to Set B” instead of “Save Sensors.” This will save your Set A setup of ANT+ sensors. Switching to Set B will now allow you to scan for your new ANT+ sensors.
  2. Once you have selected your sensors, tap the menu to “Save Sensors.” Your CABLE is now paired with your Set B sensors.
  3. To know which set you are in: There is a Custom Name in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Rename Sensor Set: Set A/B

  1. Enter your new name and tap “update.” In the top left corner, you will see which set you are in.

Switch to Set: Set A/B

To switch to another set, go to the menu and tap on “Switch to Set: B.” *Note: You will need to go into the CABLEConfig app to switch your sets each time you workout if you are using a different sensor setup.

Remove All Sensors

To remove all previously saved sensors, tap on the menu located at the top which shows, “Tap for Menu.”

Tap on “Remove All Sensors.”

Menu Options (“Tap for Menu” at the top of the application)

Scan CycleOps/PowerTap

You can apply your CycleOps/PowerTap by following the instructions after tapping on “Scan CycleOps/PowerTap.”

Set Wheel Circumference

You must add your wheel circumference in your fitness app as well.

  1. Tap on “Tap for Menu,” at the top of the application.
  2. Tap on “Set Wheel Circumference”
  3. In millimeters, type in your wheel circumference and tap “SET.”

*This setting is only used by CABLEConfig, not your Fitness App.

Spin Down Option

Spin downs should be done in your fitness application. If it does not have a spin down option, you can use the spin down option in the CABLEConfig app. You do NOT need to use the spin down option in both your fitness app and the CABLEConfig app.


This option cuts off the BLE service. We recommend that you completely close that CABLEConfig app to do this. Doing so enables you to successfully use your fitness application without connectivity issues.

Power Down

Power Down turns your CABLE off in the CABLEConfig app. We recommend you completely close the CABLEConfig app and wait till it automatically turns off.

This feature can be useful if you have more than one CABLE to setup.

Light Sequencing:

Flash red twice a second: Connecting ANT+ services

2 quick green flashes: CABLE is connected to a mobile device and connected to the ANT+ sensors

Green Flash: CABLE is available to connect to a mobile device/fitness app.