Where to put your CABLE

Where to put your CABLE

Working out is great when you don’t have things weighing you down. That’s why CABLE is light and small. But, where do you put your CABLE when you’re working out?

Your CABLE should be located within three meters of your sensors and display device during your workout. CABLE has a slit so you can zip tie it to your bike or attach it to something while you’re running. You can put it in a saddle bag or even a zipped pouch. It’s small enough so it won’t add any extra weight wherever you go!

Since it is connected to Bluetooth, CABLE will not work at longer distances.  You could lose connection during your workout if you’re not within range.

Did you know?

CABLE is supported by a number of ANT+ Profiles including:

  • Heart Rate
  • Bike Power
  • Bike Speed & Cadence
  • Running Speed & Cadence
  • Crank Torque
  • Fitness Equipment


It also works with many iOS application, including but not limited to:


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