CABLE: Perfect for Zwift App on AppleTV

CABLE: Perfect for Zwift App on AppleTV

CABLE is an ANT+ to BLE bridge setup to make ANT+ only devices BLE enabled.  This allows BLE only applications platforms to access ANT+ sensors.

So why is CABLE perfect for the new Zwift App on AppleTV? 

The AppleTV does not support the 30-pin or lightning connector. So, the traditional option of the Wahoo Key 30-pin ANT radio is not available. There is no support for the ANT+ USB stick either.  So, the CABLE ANT+ to BLE bridge is the best way to get your ANT+ sensors into the Zwift AppleTV application.


Quick Set Up: 

To use CABLE with any BLE compatible app that support multiple BLE services in one connection (like Zwift), follow these simple steps:

*Start the setup of the CABLE unit by using the CABLEConfig app on the iOS device to pair with the ANT+ sensors. Click to download CABLEConfig app:

Click for the Setup Guide to pair your ANT+ sensors.

After the pairing is done, the Config app is no longer needed.

  1. Turn the unit on by double tapping the case. Look for the green LED to flash once every two seconds.
  2. Go to the BLE pairing section of the fitness application and look for the device with CABLE#xxxxx in the name.
  3. When the app connects to the CABLE, it will flash a green LED once a second. This means that all paired ANT+ sensors are being tracked by the CABLE.
  4. If any of the paired ANT+ sensors are not being tracked by the CABLE, it will FLASH red.
  5. At this point, the app will be receiving ANT+ sensor data via the BLE services.
  6. To turn off: CABLE will automatically turn itself off when the app disconnects from the BLE services.