Common CABLE Issues Answered

Common CABLE Issues Answered

If you are having an issue with your CABLE, below are some questions you should ask yourself:

1. Are all of your sensors that have been paired within range (3 meters)?

If not, this could cause a blinking red light. This does not mean you have to use all of your sensors, but it is letting you know that there is a sensor that is not within range.

2. Is your CABLE turned on after all of your sensors are turned on and paired with the CABLEConfig app?

CABLE automatically turns off in 30 seconds, so if you haven’t turned on your sensors first and connected it to the CABLEConfig app yet, your CABLE may have already turned off. This is the order to connect your CABLE.

Once your sensors are already paired with the CABLEConfig app:

  1. Turn on sensors.
  2. Double tap your CABLE to turn it on.
  3. Open up the Application you plan to use (eg: Strava, Zwift, etc.)

3. Is your CABLEConfig app open after it has already been connected with its sensors?

If your CABLEConfig app is still open, your sensors will not be connected to the Application you plan to use (eg: Strava, Zwift, etc.) because the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is already being used in the CABLEConfig app, and there can only be one BLE connection. So, make sure that after your sensors are paired with the CABLEConfig app, you close the CABLEConfig app. You essentially don’t need to use the application anymore, unless you plan to add a new sensor to your workout that has not been paired yet with CABLE.

4. Do you store your CABLE in a motionless location?

Your CABLE battery can easily last up to 6 months of regular use before it dies. Your battery will die very fast when it is consistently in a moving environment (eg: backpack, pocket, etc.) CABLE turns on by motion detection, so keep it in a stable place.