About CABLE (Connect ANT+ to BLE)

What is CABLE?

CABLE is a revolutionary device that converts ANT+ radio signal to Bluetooth Low Energy. In a world where we create data with every move we make, fitness enthusiasts need a way to easily harness that data and use it to their advantage.
rendering of the CABLE unit

The CABLE (Connect ANT+ to BLE) is one of a kind stand alone device which converts ANT+ sensor data into industry standard Bluetooth Low Energy connections. The ANT+ data is then available in any application capable of consuming BLE profile data. This is the only stand-alone ANT+ to BLE converter on the market.

CABLE is water and dust proof to IEC Standard 60529 IP67. It can be submersed in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Prolonged submersion can cause damage to the unit.

Supported ANT+ Profiles

  • Heart Rate
  • Bike Power
  • Bike Speed & Cadence
  • Running Speed & Cadence
  • Crank Torque
  • Fitness Equipment

Compatible Sensors

Click here for a full list of compatible sensors.

CABLE is compatible with devices that are iOS version 9.3 or later.

The CABLE also operates as a security device when attached to an object. When you enable security mode, your phone will alert you if someone moves the object. It's perfect for those coffee rides with your friends.

Watch how easy it is to get started with CABLE

CABLE is designed, manufactured, and shipped by a 100% U.S. based company.

EU Declaration of Conformity

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