Using Saris CycleOps/PowerTap Trainers

Using Saris CycleOps/PowerTap Trainers

CABLE supports the BLE Fitness Machine Service (FTMS) for controlling controllable ANT+ FE-C and ANT Saris CycleOps trainers. 

The application on the mobile device needs to support FTMS for the feature to work. 

Supported applications include TrainerRoad, Sufferfest, and Kinomap.  Other applications are in the works.

Saris CycleOps/PowerTap Trainers have their own special setup:

1. To use your Saris CycleOps and PowerTap devices, all you need to select is the FTMS service and make sure the CycleOps/PowerTap profile is selected.  If you have a secondary speed or cadence sensor you would like to use in addition the CycleOps/PowerTap device and have setup CABLE to track the sensor you can select these ANT+ profiles as the source for the data rather than the CycleOps/PowerTap profile.

2. Once the profiles and services are selected, save the setup and move on to verifying the flow of ANT+ data to the BLE services. This is shown in the third tab in the app.

3. Tapping on the BLE service and selecting the available adjustable settings on the CycleOps/PowerTap device utilizing the FTMS BLE services.  At this point, you are done with the CABLEConfig app.

4. Simply close the app and move onto using the CycleOps/PowerTap device with your FTMS enabled fitness application via the CABLE connectivity.

The older generation Saris CycleOps trainers that support the legacy custom ANT protocol can be controlled via the CABLE from apps that support FTMS BLE control.  To configure the CABLE to track these devices you will need to use the CABLEConfig application and select the special feature to scan for Saris devices.  This puts the CABLE into a special mode that supports the Saris specific proprietary interface.  Once the Saris device is selected and saved, you then move on to assigning the ANT+ sensors to the BLE services.