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Get Connected, Batteries Not Required


Connecting your ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors should be effortless.

Evolving from CABLE and heartbeatz, CÔRD is the USB powered version of WYÛR. CÔRD is a feature-packed, multi-protocol radio platform allowing you to send and receive data using standard ANT+ and Bluetooth fitness protocols and data formats to accommodate the broadest range of fitness sensors, equipment, wearables, and mobile devices
What does that mean? It means you can use CÔRD to connect virtually any fitness sensor to your favorite apps and devices, including the heart rate from your Apple Watch to your favorite app or device. Oh yeah, and it runs off any powered USB port.
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Here at North Pole Engineering, we design solutions to real problems that we face as fitness enthusiasts. CÔRD takes the best features from CABLE and heartbeatz and enhances them, making CÔRD the most versatile connected fitness sensor we’ve produced to date. 


Convert ANT+ to Bluetooth

Convert Bluetooth to ANT+

Simultaneously Transmit ANT+ & Bluetooth

Convert Apple Watch heart rate to ANT+ or Bluetooth

Batteries Not Required 🙂

Sensor Conversion

With CÔRD, you can convert ANT+ to Bluetooth, Bluetooth to ANT+, and simultaneously broadcast any combination of ANT+ and Bluetooth fitness sensors as ANT+ and Bluetooth. On top of that, you can transmit any heart rate monitor (including an Apple Watch) as an ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate signal for connecting to fitness equipment.


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Powered by heartbeatz

Every NPE personal device comes with heartbeatz built in. What is heartbeatz? heartbeatz enables you to use your Apple Watch as a standard ANT+, Bluetooth. Simply download our heartbeatz Apple Watch app, connect the heartbeatz app to your CÔRD, and BOOM. Broadcasting. When you record a workout in the heartbeatz app, all of your workout data goes right into your Apple HealthKit as a normal workout would so you can still close your rings.


Apple TV Connectivity

Apple TV only allows you 2 Bluetooth connections when using Zwift, which means you have to decide which of your sensors you connect to Zwift. With CÔRD, you can pair ALL of your cycling sensors to CÔRD and make 1 Bluetooth connection from your CÔRD to your Apple TV enabling your best Zwifting experience on an Apple TV



Compatible Sensors

Compatible with the the most popular ANT+ and Bluetooth fitness sensors. CÔRD is compatible with at least these ANT+ profiles:

Click here for a full list of compatible sensors.

COMING SOON: Download the ConfigurEZ 3.0 App

The Configurez App allows intuitive setup and connection of your sensors with CÔRD on both iOS and Android devices for the broadest compatibility range.