Design Services

Our goal is to help clients integrate effective technology in their sensor-based products. We efficiently move sensor data to the Internet. We offer services in providing enabling technology to companies that give sensor based solutions. 

Hardware Design

Our expertise in digital design allows us to create a custom design that meets all your product goals. We are able to handle all stages of PCB creation, from prototype to production. We work directly with multiple independent testing services for required device certifications and EMI/EMC compliance.

Embedded Firmware Development

We integrate microprocessors into custom designs.  We create multiple microprocessor architectures and create cost-effective solutions for your product idea.

Mobile App Development

There are many advantages of controlling your product with a mobile device. Some of these include reducing costs, improving user experience, and providing easy field updates for your customers. We provide app development for Android and iOS using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for communication with your product. Our knowledge also allows us to create frameworks for device communication that your app development team can use to save time and get a head start on producing your next great idea.

Prototype Analysis

We have manufacturing partners that can provide a quick turn build allowing you to get a prototype built and tested quickly for time sensitive projects.

Engineering Support

Do you require ongoing engineering services? We can provide an engineering retainer for month to month support of existing products, allowing you to call upon our expertise as needed.