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heartbeatz connects your heart rate from Apple Watch® to bike computers and consoles.

heartbeatz links Apple Watch to bike computers and consoles.

Bike computers/consoles that take in heart rate from Apple Watch with heartbeatz include: Wahoo Fitness®, Peloton®, Garmin®, etc. Compatible with Apple watch® Series 2+

heartbeatz connect

Download the heartbeatz connect Apple Watch App! (heartbeatz device required)

How To Get Started

  1. Mount heart beatz on your bike computer/console
  2. Add heartbeatz to your bike computer/console
  3. Start the Apple Watch® heartbeatz connect app and link to heartbeatz
  4. Select to start your workout!

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Posted by Bri on August 18th, 2020

I have an Apple Watch, and I wanted to use it as an HRM for my Garmin. The Heartbeatz was the only solution I found that would bridge the two devices via Bluetooth to the watch and ANT+ to the Garmin. Just have to remember to start the app on your watch when you start your workout, and the Garmin will then automatically detect it. Works great, and I couldn’t be happier with this solution. 

Posted by Peter on July 30th, 2020

I have an Apple Watch and a Garmin Edge. I wanted to use my watch to monitor heart rate for the Garmin. This is the perfect solution. It connects to the Garmin via ANT+ and the watch via Bluetooth. It seamlessly sends heart rate data to the Garmin. Works like a champ!

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