Passing on the Baton

Passing on the Baton

After 21 years of leadership, founders of North Pole Engineering Joe Tretter and Joe Meyer have passed the baton onto new leaders, Rick Gibbs, Jim Meyer, and Scott Rondestvedt.

After Joe Meyer left NPE a couple of years ago, Joe Tretter continued to run the company until March 2018. Joe Tretter has now officially left NPE in good hands.

“When we originally started the company, focus was put on developing NPE into a strong design team to support companies that needed specialized embedded and FPGA designs for their products. After 21 successful years together, NPE now has the opportunity to launch into our next generation of leadership, building on the firm foundation of quality design experience and our ever- expanding product portfolio. The new management team has a long history with the company and strives to continue the focus on customer support and innovative solutions” said Rick Gibbs, who has been a part of NPE since 1997.

Jim Meyer jumped in as General Manager in November 2010 and Scott Rondestvedt came in as an engineer in August 2007.

Jim stated, “Over the past seven years NPE has transitioned from being exclusively an engineering services company to both a technical products and services company where a good percentage of product clients also asking for engineering services support.”

Together, the three have taken over NPE and will continue to lead it into the future of engineering.

Scott remarked, “Working closely with Joe the last decade has allowed me to expand both my technical and leadership skills. I’m excited to build onto the solid foundation that Joe and Joe have created for our current clients and future opportunities.”

Joe Tretter will continue to come in and help on projects. NPE is grateful for the wonderful leadership and mentorship Joe has provided this team of engineers over the last 21 years. NPE looks forward to what is next.