What is it?

CABLE (Connect ANT+ to BLE) is a revolutionary stand-alone device that converts ANT+ sensor products into industry-standard Bluetooth connections.

Sensor Setup

First, it interfaces with ANT+ devices that have one or more of these ANT+ profiles: HR, PWR, SPD, SPD, S&C, FE-C, CTF, and CAD.

Then, it connects to your desired fitness application. Your fitness App must take in Heart Rate Service, Cycling Power Service, Cycling Speed & Cadence Service, Running Speed & Cadence Service and/or Fitness Machine Service. Your desired fitness app will require you to separately identify your sensors.

Finally, it enables the fitness application to use your ANT+ sensors, previously saved in CABLE Utility to have a connected workout experience.

Sensor Compatibility

Several sensors may be outdated or have their own specific sensor setup to their brand. Therefore, verify compatibility with your workout sensors. You can view the list of supported ANT+ profiles here.

Some Known Issues

There are a few known issues where fitness applications will not correctly interface. But, always double check to make sure you have configured your sensors accurately in the CABLE Utility app. The following applications are listed below:

  • TrainerRoad will only allow for one sensor to connect through CABLE.
  • MapMyRide requires the user to reinstall the app in order to change sensors.
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