ANT+ and Apple Watch heart rate USB stick

Connecting your ANT+ and Apple Watch heart rate directly to your PC or Mac.

STÎC (pronounced STICK) isn’t just a standard ANT+ USB stick. STÎC enables you to connect your Apple Watch heart rate directly to your PC or Mac on top of being a drop in replacement for your typical ANT+ USB stick.
Apple Watch heart rate connectivity is made possible through our patent pending heartbeatz technology. Simply download our heartbeatz Connect app from the App Store, plug in the STÎC, and start working out!
Getting data into your favorite virtual training app has never been so easy.

heartbeatz Connect

Why mess around with a heart rate strap when you’re wearing a perfectly good heart rate monitor on your wrist right now? Now you don’t have to! Using our patent pending heartbeatz technology that we’ve baked into every one of our products, all you have to do is download our free heartbeatz Connect app and connect through STÎC!

Download heartbeatz Connect

Getting Started:

  1. Plug STÎC into your Mac or PC
  2. Download heartbeatz Connect from the App Store
  3. Open your virtual training desktop app
  4. Make sure your ANT+ sensors are awake and in range
  5. Go through your normal pairing process with your app
  6. Crush your workout!

Sensor Compatibility

Compatible with the the most popular ANT+ sensors in fitness, STÎC will connect to the sensors below and more:

Click here for a full list of compatible sensors.