North Pole Engineering Technologies

Technologies offered by NPE

NPE specializes in providing enabling technology to companies that offer sensor based solutions.  Clients are offered many options to help create effective product solutions that extend from engineering design services to technology enabled products.

Low Powered Wireless (BLE, ANT)

NPE has many years of experience implementing low powered BLE and ANT enabled technologies for communication with mobile and web applications. These communication protocols are useful for low rate sensing applications and offloading device configuration and control to a mobile application. 

Industrial Communication (CANOpen)

Technologies and devices using CANOpen communicate over the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, allowing two or more devices to communicate. This communication opens up possibilities for industrial automation and remote monitoring.  


USB is ubiquitous and expected to be available in most devices. NPE has expertise in implementing embedded USB for both host and device mode configurations. 

Bluetooth Peripheral

Bluetooth peripherals implementations allow for communication between the embedded device and tablets, phones or computers. NPE is a certified MFi designer, allowing NPE to design Bluetooth peripherals that are able to integrate with iOS devices/technologies. 


Products with an ethernet or Wi-Fi connection are able to send and receive data to and from the web or mobile applications. This allows for remote monitoring, configuration or field updates.

Agricultural Communication (ISOBUS)

ISOBUS or ISO 11783 is a communication protocol used for devices that communicate with agricultural equipment. This protocol is sent over the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus. Implementing this standard can allow a device to be controlled remotely with a display in a tractor or retrieve data from the tractor for monitoring and operation.