Enhance your group fitness studio experience with real-time data from personal sensors and fitness equipment.

Smart Real-time
Monitoring Solution

 Bridge ANT/ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy fitness sensor data with TCP/IP network based performance management software systems.


Bridges Bluetooth® and/or ANT+ sensor data directly onto wireless networks using its integrated 802.11b/g/n radio.



Bridges Bluetooth® and/or ANT+ sensor data directly onto a wired Ethernet network.

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Software Partners

Works with these software partners and many more.


Manages data from many different types of sensors.


Designed to collect data from compatible ANT/ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy sensor and fitness equipment and work well in types of studios from small to large.

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10/100 Auto-selecting Ethernet Port NO YES
Number of Sensor Radios 2 4
Powered by WiFi YES NO
Bluetooth® Low Energy & ANT+ YES YES
Supports Number of Sensors 50+ Sensors 100+ Sensors
Open Platform YES YES
2-Way Communication & Control YES YES
Power USB powered with a Lithium Ion battery back-up Powered by PoE voltages of +36-72VDC
Real-time Data Management through .NET and iOS SDK YES YES
Point-to-point and multicast data streaming YES YES
TCP Protocol for Deeper Application Integration YES YES
Certification FCC/IC/CE and ANT+ FCC/IC/CE/UL and ANT+

Download the App

Allowing you to log sensor data, view it in real-time, and export the data to a .csv file.



Pairing Pod

The Pairing Pod is an ANT+ detector that reads the internal ID numbers on all ANT+ wearable devices (Heart Rate Monitors, Foot pods, Power sensors). 

This unique ID number can be used for registration processes when connecting to a specific fitness application. Then, you can pair the specific ID number to a participant. Doing this, will record data for the specific person, without the hassle of reconfiguring who has which sensor. It requires an application to pair with, along with a WASP unit to transfer the information.

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