WASP Technology

Enhance your group fitness studio by connecting custom sensors to local and remote endpoints. WASP technology moves ANT/ANT+ sensor data to a Wi-Fi network. It also allows numerous wireless ANT/ANT+ sensors to be accessed by applications on a local network or in the cloud.

Smart, Real-time Monitoring Solution

Simultaneously manage sensor data from different protocols (ANT/ANT+/ANT-FS/BLE). WASP situates in a designated monitoring area to provide complete coverage. Coverage includes Bluetooth and various ANT protocol sensor data coming from groups of people or groups of devices. WASP technology works by creating portions of data initially captured by one node. But, it will continue to capture through other nodes as the individual moves throughout the monitoring area.

WASP Technology Diagram

This Scosche RHYTHM+ heart rate sensors is a workout tool for managing heart rate, calories, distance and pace. The Garmin foot pod transmits distance and pace data. These sensors are gathered by a workout class and broadcasted to the leaderboard.

Compatible Sensors

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